is a business support organization representing business interests of its members in such sectors as production, catering, services, trade, commerce and building.

The Chamber has been established to promote international cooperation, including commercial relations with companies based in India, in particular in the State of Maharashtra, Mumbai (Bombay), and New Delhi, the Republic of India. For the purpose of its international cooperation, the Chamber is going to use its name translated to other languages.

Contact with us

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the Board of the Western Pomerania – India Chamber of Commerce, I should encourage you to join the Chamber. We are open to all parties interested in developing relations between Poland and India, in particular cooperation in business, culture and education.

Mariusz Łuszczewski
President of WICC



Are you interested in developing your business in India or becoming a business partner for Indian companies?
Join the Western Pomerania-India Chamber of Commerce!

Our goals

The Chamber has been established for implementing social and business goals, in particular the following:

Representing business interests

of its member companies in front of central and local government bodies as well as domestic and foreign organizations

Organizing assistance to member companies

in meeting their economic, organizational and legal challenges related to establishing and running their businesses

Promoting social and business cooperation

between member companies

Promoting reciprocally culture and habits relevant in particular regions

i.e. the Western Pomerania Province and the Republic of India

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